Saturday, August 8, 2009

2 package comic and Garza/Spina Sketchbook!!!

I got the Spina/Garza Colab book back! here are the new finished pages:

That last comic is sick! Jon's stuff is rad check it out at GARZAARTE.COM. Also the shirts he sent me were DOPE! Horchata forever! thanks dude! those art prints are tight too, everyone should buy some from his ETSY SHOP.

And it was pretty crazy opening up a package with bubble-wrapped bones, thanks (...?) Samantha! just kidding about the question mark. but it was weird. unique, but weird. But thanks!


Patrick Jeffords said...

those collabos are wicked ahsome

GARZA said...

sweeet dude! I'm glad it made it to you before you move, love the drawing of me! haha

mk said...

Hah I love the catwoman, and the bean man bein' so smug.

John said...

Wow. Those sketchbook entries are awesome.