Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blue Line Test

Usually when I make comics, I use a pencil first, ink over it, then erase the pencil. A different way to do it is to make the initial sketch in non-photo blue pencil then ink over it, so when you xerox it only the black shows up. I wanted to test it out to see if it worked if you just Photoshopped the blue out because I don't xerox, so i just upped the levels and it looks fine. I'm going to start a new comic using this technique. Here's a before and after of the test comic I made:

It's on 14" x 17" Bristol paper, I'm going to make my next comic big and shrink it down instead of making it actual size like the one's I've been making. The comic isn't going to be 8" x 5" with lots of panels on each page like HOODLE ORIGINS, instead it's going to be smaller with only 2 panels on each page. I wanted to draw a smaller, easier comic for my first attempt at drawing bigger and shrinking it down.

1 comment:

GARZA said...

dude, you are the master at comic making! This has to be one of my favorite ones so far I think. The booger move, classic!