Friday, June 19, 2009

Hoodle Origins!

I FINALLY finished Hoodle Origins yesterday and spent all day composing it and putting them together. I just finished and took pics (at 3 am...)!

So I printed 50 of Hoolde Origins (yellow) and 25 of my diary comic ones (orange) for the HeroesCon in Charlotte tomorrow. I'm pumped to go to a comic convention. I'm selling the Hoodle book for $3, its 24 pages black and white with cardstock cover. I feel like it's too expensive, but it cost so much to print them and took like a month of my life to make. Also while I was cutting them I cut my finger really bad and bled on a few. some are very small, one had blood all over it (i'm keeping that one for myself) and one had a blood smudge that i made a special edition:
Haha. So contact me if you want one! I'm down to mail it to out-of-townies!


cara said...

Wow, they look good! I don't know much about comic conventions, but it seems like $3 isn't too expensive at all. It's low enough that if I saw something cool and original for only $3 I'd probably make an impulse buy. Good luck!

Patrick Jeffords said...

you know i gotta get one right?

GARZA said...

sooooooo siiiiiiick man! I'll send you some monies for a copy when I send you back our sketchy book, good luck on selling it at the comic con!

girlfacedana said...

I wannannnananaaaaannnntt one.