Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hoodle Origins Sneak Peek

I have been slaving away the last couple of weeks on a new 24 page comic called "Hoodle Origins." Here's a picture of the first three pages of the comic in my sketchbook, I am working on page 17 today so I'm almost finished. I'm trying to get it done before the Charlotte comic convention, which starts friday, and i also need to make the cover and do all the printing and stuff so I'm pretty stressed about it. anyways, it's the weekend so the schools scanner is closed and i didn't go yesterday so no diary comic today. If i cant find anything else to talk about tomorrow I will just take a picture of one.


GARZA said...

ahhhh jeez man I cant wait til this hits the shelves!

chelseawinkel said...

Cool! can't wait to see it all finished.