Monday, June 22, 2009

HeroesCon 2009

This was the first year I went to HeroesCon in Charlotte (a comic book convention). I'm so mad at myself for not really getting into comics sooner because it was so awesome. I met a ton of cool people and traded mini comics with most of them! I went with 50 of my hoodle books and 25 of my diary comic books and left with two backpacks full of other peoples stuff! i only bought like five or six things in this picture (the big books):
I also bought Jeff Smith's (of BONE fame) new book RASL and got him to sign it:
And got a few sketches from people: including CHRIS G who draws MINI MARVELS, an awesome sketch byGUY DAVIS who draws the Hellboy spin-off B.R.P.D., who drew one of his monsters touching Hoodle (yes!), and a very cute sketch for Samantha by CHRISTIAN SLADE who draws KORGI.

Thanks to everyone who I talked to and who traded with me! what a good weekend. And here are my regularly scheduled diary comics:

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GARZA said...

hahahah the smelly finger! dude thats soo awesome you got to meet all those people and get sweet stuff, I cant wait tilltheres a con here, im sooo there!