Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Johns Fry House

I must have been in a bad drawing mood when I drew this, because that's a terrible Patrick. doesn't look anything like him. He took a picture of what was left of that lunch ON HIS BLOG, along with a horrific picture of his sisters messed up leg. While you're checking out my friends blogs, look at this colabo i did with Erin.

Also, I think I have to buy a Ps3 for this game. I've probably watched this trailer a million times. ok, like 4.


Jesska said...

how did you end up feeling the next day? :-\ i think if i ate all that i'd have serious digestive issues.

P Cleland said...

oh my god that sounds amazing. I know a large man who's probably going to tackle that delicious sounding meal with a friend at some point this year. Also the Last Guardian is going to be balls to the wall, it's by the guys who did Ico and Shadow of the Colossus so you know it's amazing.

Sam Spina said...