Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last weekend I went camping. The campsite was beautiful:

Here are all the comics I made:

Out of the 8 people that went, 4 people (including me) left early because it rained and our tents got flooded. It was still really fun and I would definitely like to go back. I bought a watercolor sketchbook for the trip but didn't use it as much as I wanted. If it didn't rain I would have a lot more:


GARZA said...

sweet comics i wish i could of heard the helvetica story! I really like the watercolor dog beach too

Patrick Jeffords said...

those watercolors are excellent

mk said...

All of these are amazing, and w-colors are b-eautiful. I fully support the book idea, you're so talented Sam. Did you get my postcard?

Sean said...

these watercolors are amazing.