Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fun Friday

The AIGA Inshow was on Friday. Here's the piece I had in it:

It is a book cover design I made for class. The show was in a really cool place. Jason (the guy in the white shirt) had a really nice poster in the show too. I feel dumb taking pictures at stuff like that, but I should have taken some more. That's Jason, Stephen (AIGA student president), Me, Samantha and Nell.

Everyone who had a piece in the InShow got a cool little trophy cube with your name and the title of your work on it. And everyone got that cool bag with the program in it with pics of all the stuff that was in the show. There's mine and Jason's:

Then after we (me Sam and Nell) went to see Chaz play a really sick electronic set, you should have been there.

Then after that everyone hung out:


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